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"Apollon Apollonovich's cerebral play erected his misty planes before his gaze; but all the planes blown to pieces; Russia's gigantic map appeared before him, who was so small: could these really be enemies: enemies—the gigantic totality of the races that inhabited these spaces: a hundred million. No, more..."
-Bely, Petersburg*

Staging the Death of Plehve:
the City as Strategic Space

Map Key

Making the Bomb

Before you explore these locations, click here to see how the Combat Organization manufactured the explosives they used against Plehve. The assassins maintained secret weapons laboratories thoroughout the city as well as in Kharkov and Saratov.

1. The Ministry of Internal Affairs at 16 Fontanka

Click here to see where Minister of the Interior Plehve worked and where revolutionary terrorist Evno Azef--operating as a police agent and an assassin--planned Plehve’s murder right under the noses of the minister and the secret police, okhrana.

2. The Assassin’s Apartment on 31 Zhukovsky Street

Click here to meet the assassins and to learn how they secretly lived in St. Petersburg for months before the murder took place by donning various disguises as cabbies, peddlers, foreign businessmen, illustrious nightclub singers, and dentists.

3. The Baltic, Nikolaevsky, and Warsaw Railway Stations

This page explains the importance of the railway system to the assassination plot. It provided a setting for the murder itself and it allowed the conspirators to escape the scene of the crime quickly. Without this modern technology, Azef's plot against Plehve would not have been feasible.

4. The Mariinsky Theater in Theater Square

The assassinations met near this famous site on the day of the murder. Here, the bombs were distributed and plans were finalized.


*Petersburg, 268.