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"'I, my good sirs, am a man from the school of Plehve...And I know what I am doing...Yes, indeed my good sir...'".

"You know - thou knowest: it is a difficult position-- to be a man of state."
-Bely, Petersburg*

The Ministry of Internal Affairs at 16 Fontanka

Because of the numerous attempts on his life, Plehve had been living in the Ministry of Internal Affairs (below) under police protection.

During the Summer, however, he was staying at his dacha on Aptekarsky Island.

In his memoirs, Boris Savinkov described the general plan given to him by Azef, who had been secretly working as a double agent for Okhrana, spying and plotting with the SRs:

"The plan was as follows: it was known that Plehve lived in the building of the Police Department (Fontanka 16) and that every week he rode to the Winter Palace, Tsarskoe Selo, and Petergof - depending on the time of year and the Tsar’s residence - to report to the Tsar."**

"Because it was obviously more difficult to kill Plehve at his home it was decided to put him under constant surveillance. The goal of this surveillance was to determine the exact day and hour, the route, and all of the apparent details of his trips to the Tsar. Based on this, we proposed to blow up his carriage with a bomb."**


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