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"'What is it about?...Why the bomb, of course...'" -Bely, Petersburg*

The Mariinsky Theater in Theater Square

On the day of the murder, co-conspirators Dulebov and Shveitser met the other assassins at Ofitserskaia and Torgovaia Streets behind the Mariinsky Theater, emblematizing the theatricality of the murder. There, Shveitser (below) distributed the homemade bombs to Sazonov and the others and made other "backstage" arrangements for assassination.

"While I was meeting for our comrades, Dulebov harnessed up his horse and the livery and drove to the Northern Hotel, where Schweitser lived. Schweitser got into the cab and distributed the bombs at the designated place, on the corner of Ofitserskaya and Torgovaya Streets, near the Mariinsky Theater. The biggest, 12-pound bomb was given to Sazonov. It was cylindrical in shape, wrapped in a newspaper and tied up with a string."**




"Kaliaev's bomb was wrapped in a handkerchief, Kaliaev and Sazonov did not hide the bombs, but carried them openly, in their hands. Borishansky and Sikorsky concealed their bombs underneath their coats. The transfer of the bombs went off without a hitch. Shweitser returned home. Dulebov took up his post at the Technological Institute on Zagorodny Prospect. He was supposed to wait for me there in order to find out about the results. Matseevsky stood with his cab along Obvodny Canal. The remaining comrades--Sazonov, Kaliaev, Borishansky, Sikorsky, and I gathered at the Pokrov Church on Sadovaya Street."**


*Petersburg, 508.
**Vospominaniia terrorista, 75.