the first tram
The Green line shows the route taken by Petersburg’s first tram which made its journey on September 16, 1907. Line No. 4 extended from the Alexander Gardens, along Konnogvardeisky Boulevard, across Nikolaevsky Bridge to Vasilevsky Island to the intersection of Bolshoi Prospekt and the 8th Line.

between modernism and modernity
You can move between the material fabric of the urban setting and some modernist texts of the city. We can locate both artists and their works along the routes of Petersburg's trams.

in search of narrative and material
The other stops are situated along the tram lines of 1912 (although they evoke texts and events from a broader period through the mid 1920s). These stops link locations and details from the city with modernist texts in which the tram appears.

The tram’s movement through the city comes to produce a narrative of its own.

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