Apartment of Mikhail Kuzmin

             Suvorovsky Prospect 34, Apartment 10


             The poet and musician Mikhail Kuzmin was very involved in the literary life of fin-de-siecle St. Petersburg, and no less involved in the production of The Puppet Show. In early December of 1906 Meyerhold sent a letter to Kuzmin asking him to compose the music for the play. Kuzmin agreed, although his diary entries reveal that he was less than enthusiastic about it. His work was praised when the play was performed, but, unfortunately, the music has not survived to the present.


             Before the play, Blok came to Kuzmin's apartment to discuss the work, as did Sapunov and others working on the production. Kuzmin was present at most of the rehearsals and held several social gatherings both before and after the premiere. He also took part in the Evening of the Paper Ladies and the festivities surrounding the premiere; he later wrote a short fictional work, The House of Cards, based on these experiences.

Mikhail KuzminMikhail Kuzmin
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