Apartment of Vsevolod Meyerhold

             Alekseevskaya Street 18


             Vsevolod Meyerhold also lived conveniently close to the Kommissarzhevskaya Theatre with his wife Olga Munt and their daughters. During the production of The Puppet Show, the actress Eugenia Munt lived with the Meyerhold family; she was the sister of Meyerhold's wife.


Meyerhold Eugenia Munt
Portrait of Meyerhold with inscription to Blok   Eugenia Munt

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             The Meyerholds took part in the festive soirees and walks through the city, and they also hosted several gatherings at their home. Although he was already a successful actor of the Moscow Art Theatre and co–founder of the experimental Moscow Art Theatre Studio, it was Meyerhold's role as Pierrot that made him a cult figure. He went on to become one of the most innovative and influential directors of Russian stage history, but he always considered The Puppet Show to be his first real success at directing, the true beginning of his career as a director.