Ad for Children's Soap produced by the England Cosmetics Factory,

Novoderevenskaya nab. #15.
From "Stolitsi i usad'ba"

Butcher's Sign

Soap ad

Butcher's Sign

Ostroumov's White Orchid Cosmetics

If industrialization and modernity deprived the subject of its wholeness and integrity, rendering the body, time, and labor and leisure processes into fragmented or disjointed units, so also did they advertise their power to restore wholeness, often by way of the social body and its commercial culture. Tim Armstrong writes that "modernity...brings forth both a fragmentation and an augmentation of the body in relation to technology; it offers the body as lack at the same time as it offers technological compensation. Increasingly, that compensation is offered as a part of capitalism's fantasy of the complete body: in the mechanisms of advertising, cosmetics, cosmetic surgery and cinema; all prosthetic in the sense that they promise the perfection of the body."

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