Lacquer and Paint Factory

The Vasil'ev Brothers Lacquer and Paint Factory

St. Petersburg, Rezvyi Island

A whole host of products, some manufactured using age-old techniques, others using modern technology, sprang from the body of the bull. The cattle slaughtered each year in Petersburg, for example, yielded approximately 8 million pounds of blood. Most of this was sent to the Piper and Co. blood plant adjacent to the slaughterhouse. Albumin, a protein found in blood, was produced for calico dyes. Blood, hooves, horns, bones, skin, and other by-products of the animal were transferred from the slaughterhouse to Albumin Street, a neighborhood of small industrial sites behind Nikolaevsky Station where they would be sterilized, boiled, separated or otherwise processed. From here, they were distributed to craftsmen, artisans, and factories across the city and beyond for further refining. This single animal, the cow, sustained an astonishing number of industries and workers.

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