No. 21 (3): Zhorzh Borman

New Mertens Building

The building on 21 Nevsky was remodeled in the new “moderne” (art nouveau) style for the Mertens fur company in1911 – 1912. In contrast to the design of the older Mertens shop, the building is considerably less ornate and more modern. The new architectural design by the prominent Petersburg architect M. S. Lialevich featured three arches that framed giant, multi-storey windows separated by narrow pillars. The architectural composition was in the neo-Renaissance style, in imitation of Italian loggias and villas. Structurally, the building had a reinforced concrete carcass that made the extensive use of glass possible. The engineering and façade made it one of very few modern buildings on Nevsky. The other two were the House of Singer at 28 Nevsky and Yeliseev at 56, located further up the prospect on the north side. You can see them by clicking on the map.

The work spaces and shop of Mertens Furriers were luxurious. Click here to see them as well as details of the façade.


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