No. 48 (2): Passazh

Karl Bulla’s Studio in the Arcade

Exhibit of Karl Bulla’s Photographs (1904-1905)

Advertisement of Karl Bulla’s Studio

Karl Bulla, who was born in Prussia, was the best known pre-revolutionary photographer as well as founder of photojournalism in Russia. In 1904, he opened a photo studio in the Arcade, moving it to 54 Nevsky in 1908. He was not only a famous portrait photographer, taking pictures of people from many walks of life, but also photographer of Petersburg – its buildings, society events, sports competitions, as well as the life of its workers and city poor. His ads read: “The oldest photographer-illustrator Karl Bulla makes photographs for illustrated magazines of anything and anywhere, without limitations: landscapes and buildings, indoors and outdoors, day and night with artificial lighting.” Bulla illustrated Ivan Bozherianov’s luxurious two-volume Nevsky Prospect, published in 1902 and 1903 for the 200-year anniversary of St. Petersburg.

Bulla’s sons Alexander and Viktor also became photographers and worked together with their father, and many of the pictures attributed to Bulla were taken by them.

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