No. 54 (2): Ushakov Building

Karl Bull'a Photo Studio

Karl Bull'a Photo Studio

In 1908, Karl Bulla moved his photo studio from the Arcade to 54 Nevsky, which you can see in the photo that also shows a Petersburg horse-drawn tram, although the first electric trams appeared in the city in 1907 (See TRAMVAI itinerary). His private apartment was located in the same building. Bulla photographed members of the royal family and important cultural figures, but his best-known images were of the imperial city and of Petersburg public institutions such as orphanages, and events such as fires and floods. His photos regularly appeared in the popular mass journals Niva (Field) and Ogonek (Small Light), and the upscale Stolitsa i usad’ba (Capital City and Country Estate). Bulla was born in Prussia, but for his outstanding achievements in photography, he was awarded the title of hereditary citizen of Petersburg in 1910. For more information about Bulla, go to 48 (2) Nevsky.

For some examples of Bulla’s photographs click here.


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