Dmitrii Mitrokhin

Dmitrii Mitrokhin (1883-1973)

Dmitrii Mitrokhin's first major achievements in book decoration date from just after 1910, a time when, through the efforts of the world of Art group, the graphic arts became widely developed in Russia and particularly in Petersburg. The artistic influences on the young Mitrokhin were diverse: engravings of old European masters and Audrey Berdsley's refined style, the Japanese prints, the Russian lubok.

In the years before the October Revolution, Mitrokhin did a great deal of interesting work on book covers, embellished the pages of journals such as Apollon and Lukomorye with skillfully executed vignettes and head-pieces. Mitrokhin illustrated books by his contemporaries, Zamiatin, Tsvetaeva, Pasternak, Shklovskii, as well as classics, Hugo, Poe, Aristophanes, Heliodorus and others. Later on he acquired celebrity exercising landscape (mostly, cityscape) and still life genres.


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